Winter 17 | Fashion for Men

The days are shorter, the wind is colder, and the nights are fresher. Winter is here in Australia and it is often a challenge to stay warm and look  slick at the same time. There are a few styles we recommend for men that can provide fashionable looks with an easy quick to get ready look.

Style 1: The Collective

The collective

Suited to cooler places in Australia such as Melbourne and Perth, this style is a classy casual look with minimalistic layers but maximum warmth. You will be comfy however won’t look super attractive, make the call.

Style 2: The Yeezy

Simple yet effective

Want to look chill but still fashionable? This outfit is suited for most Australian locations and gives that relaxed look kind of like a “I’m not even fazed” mood. Quite often the colours are mellow maroons or mustard yellows to distinguish you from boring outfits and portrays “I can about fashion, but not too much”.

Outfit 3: Ladies Man

Denim topped off with some leather

Every girl loves a biker right? At least they do in the movies haha. Combining denim with leather is an unusual combo that seems to work well for most men. Leather or denim goes with most colours and can be work almost anywhere in Aus when it gets cooler. Chicks are sure to dig your outfit so be ready with a few quick pick-up lines handy.

Tell us your favourite style in the comments or on our
Instagram:  @neonbeachblog


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